Meet Dr. Hyden Choi

meet dr hyden choi

My Career Motivations

I love being a dentist. It’s fun to make patients laugh and relax. Many people find seeing the dentist to be a stressful situation: I work hard to ensure every visit is a positive, painless, and enjoyable experience. I want my patients to learn that I have their best interests at heart and would like to assist them in achieving their dental health goals.

I am fulfilled, professionally and personally, when I’m able to fix a person’s smile and make them happy. When people are uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth, it negatively affects much of their life. But with a healthy and confident smile, they are comfortable with how they look, and their self-esteem increases.

My father is a dental technician who makes crowns and bridges. I was able to work with my Dad on a daily basis, and that was the inspiration for me becoming a dentist. Seeing the changes that happen as a result of my father’s work, and how much better the lives of the patients are once they have their new bridges or crowns, is inspiring.

Education and Continuing Education

Each year I pursue many hours of continuing education. My patients trust me to provide them with the strongest care options and access to the best treatments. Continuing education ensures I am able to do that.

Professional Memberships

Away from the Office

I’m originally from Denver, CO, and yes, I am a huge Broncos fan! I’ve lived here in Michigan for the last 15 years, along with my wife and two children. We don’t have any pets yet, but I’ve promised my daughter that if she gets straight As we will get her any dog she wants.

I love spending time with my children, helping my daughter with her homework, and playing with my young son. He currently loves little cars.

I grew up playing the piano and trumpet, but haven’t touched them since high school. However, I recently picked up the guitar: it’s amazing how much you can learn from YouTube videos!